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St. Joseph Catholic Church in downtown Springfield, Missouri, is a favorite of brides and grooms. Its traditional beauty is like something out of a movie, and the acoustics are of concert quality.

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For a small reception at the conferral of a sacrament (other than a wedding), use of the library will be “rent free” for a group of 30 or less. The family is expected to clean up after the event and will be responsible for any damage caused.

Funeral dinners will be “rent free”. A goodwill offering made by the family of the deceased should be made to help with the cost of the food.

Explanation of the Terms

“Active Parishioner” means someone who meets all of the following:

  • actively participated in St. Joseph Parish during the listed number of years
  • Assisted at Mass in the parish most of the weekends during their membership
  • and has contributed at least $250 each year toward the support of the parish

This covers only the rental of the Church, Library, Parish Hall, or Gym, and this should be made by arrangement with the Parish Secretary several months in advance of the event.

The Rent does not include the stipends for the Priest/Deacon celebrant, musician, singer, altar servers, cooks, or entertainers. These stipends must be arranged with each separately, not with the parish. Please make these arrangements well in advance of the event. Thank you.

Facility Rental Guidelines

The person, group, or caterer renting the facility must arrange tables and chairs. After the event, the tables and chairs must be returned to their original positions or placed back in storage if they were prior to the event.

Decorations may be placed on the tables; however, nothing may adhere to the tabletop.  If plants are used, a protective base or waterproof liner must be used to protect the top of the tables.  No tape or adhesive of any type may be used on the painted walls.  No decorations or signs may be affixed to floors, walls, windows, doors, ceilings, or light fixtures.  No pictures or plaques or any items belonging to the parish may be taken down, rearranged, or moved.  No open flames will be permitted unless enclosed in an approved container such as a hurricane or glass globe.  The renter or the caterer is responsible for removing all decorations, placing them in trash bags, and placing them in the dumpster in the school parking lot.

No alcoholic beverages may be sold on the premises.  If alcohol is served, the renter’s responsibility is to monitor the distribution, so only adults who meet the legal age requirements are served. No BYOB (see the application for Special Events Coverage-Catholic Mutual Group).

No smoking is permitted in the Parish Hall.

The kitchen may be used to prepare or set up already cooked food.  It must be totally cleaned and restored to its original condition if the kitchen is used.  All containers and trash must be removed, placed in plastic trash bags, and placed in the dumpster. Counters must be wiped off, sinks cleaned, and all supplies washed, dried, and returned to their place.  At the end of the event, excess food and beverages must be removed from the premises.

Restrooms are available.  The renter is responsible for any damage to fixtures, counters, mirrors, toilets, etc.

No rice, birdseed, confetti of any type, flower petals, or other items may be thrown on the floor inside or outside the building.  However, bubbles may be used outside the building but not inside.

All persons who use the parking lot must adhere to handicapped notices and signs. All vehicles must vacate the premises immediately after the event except for the caterer or persons cleaning the premises.

Parties or events may begin early in the day on Saturdays but must conclude by 3:00 p.m. or begin after 5:30 p.m.  Sunday events may begin after 1:00 p.m.  All parties or events must conclude by midnight, and the cleanup completed by 1:00 a.m.   Tables, chairs, equipment, or any other items the parish owns may not be removed from the premises.

The renter or caterer may arrange for other equipment to be brought in for the event. Any additional tables, chairs, or other equipment must be removed immediately after the event unless arrangements are made.

A maximum of 48 persons may be legally accommodated in the library, and 200-250 persons with tables and a small dance floor will fit comfortably in the gym. A maximum of 332 persons is allowed in the Gym with chairs only.

The thermostat may be altered but must be returned to its original temperature after the event.

Marriage Regulations & Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is one thing, but planning a sacramental marriage in the Catholic Church adds an extra dimension. It involves extra preparation and is an opportunity to lay the building blocks of a rich, life-long relationship of love.

To help you with this, we require that both parties actively prepare for the Sacrament of Matrimony. Consistent with the marriage policy of the diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, you are expected to use the following steps as part of this preparation:

Setting a wedding date: Although a tentative date may be agreed upon for practical reasons, steps #1 through #5 below should ideally be completed before finalizing the date for the wedding. Therefore, invitations should not be printed nor financial obligations entered into until the preparation is complete. Many couples make changes in their plans during preparation and you should keep that freedom. We believe that the Sacrament of Matrimony is a lifetime commitment and that it is essential to prepare thoroughly in order to sincerely make such a solemn commitment.

  1. Initial interview with priest: To obtain basic information about you, your faith, and your particular circumstances. To establish your eligibility for a sacramental marriage, to explain the preparation program, and to answer your questions. This should be at least six months prior to the proposed wedding date.
  2. Focus svurvey: A premarital personal and relationship evaluation survey to increase awareness of relationship issues and discuss your family of origins. The priest will administer this and will discuss the results with you. This will measure how well you are communicating in eleven important areas and help you to know your areas of strength and areas needed for growth.
  3. Lead couple sessions: A trained lead couple will meet with you four or five times in their home to share their marriage with you and talk about specific areas. The pastor will contact the dioceses to assign a lead couple for you. They will arrange and conduct your sessions. Special needs arrangements may be made in case of necessity or preference, such as Engaged Encounter and Re-Marriage Seminars.
  4. Engaged Encounter Weekend. (Optional, but recommended) A weekend designed to give the couple an opportunity to talk honestly and intensely with each other about their relationship and their prospective lives together without outside distractions. Contact the pastor at the parish office to help you make reservations.
  5. Natural family planning: (strongly recommended) Attend an introductory session on natural family planning, a natural and extremely effective method to either achieve or avoid pregnancy within marriage. NFP has proven to be a valued means of growth and enrichment of the love relationship of couples who use it. Reservations are necessary. Contact the pastor at the parish office for further information and reservations. Or visit the diocese page on natural family planning.
  6. Additional session(s) will be arranged to discuss faith matters if one party is non-Catholic.
  7. Baptismal certificates: Both parties must obtain recent (within 6 months) baptismal certificates from the church in which each were baptized and bring them to St. Joseph parish.
    Note: Ideally, all of the above would be completed no later than three months prior to the intended wedding.
  8. Wedding planning: Meet with the priest witnessing your marriage to discuss the rite of the Sacrament of Matrimony and the wedding date and to receive a copy of the booklet, “Together for Life” to begin planning the ceremony.
  9. Final preparations: Meet with the priest witnessing your marriage to finalize your selections for the wedding ceremony and to fill out official diocesan paperwork.

Note: due to COVID 19, there are some online classes and preparations available.

More resources

The Diocesan Office of Family Life’s website includes several pages related to

  • Marriage Preparation (including requirements for couples wishing to be married in the Catholic Church
  • Natural Family Planning & Infertility
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • And other important issues

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