Advent Calendar

Reverse Advent Calendar Food Drive

We can make a difference if we stand together! The holiday season is approaching,
and we have an opportunity to help those struggling to meet the basic needs of their families.

During Advent, let’s count our blessings and help hungry families. Beginning December 1st, we ask you to put one non-perishable grocery item in a box and continue doing this every day to December 24th. On December 24th, bring your filled box to the Church and place it under the St. Joseph statue by the nativity to donate to our Food Pantry.

See the suggested item list below.
Suggested List for 24-Day Food Drive
Supporting the St. Joseph Food Pantry
December 1st – December 24th, 2022
December 1st – Box of Cereal
December 2nd – Peanut Butter
December 3rd – Stuffing Mix
December 4th – Box of Potatoes
December 5th – Mac & Cheese
December 6th – Can of Fruit
December 7th – Can of Tomatoes
December 8th – Can of Tuna
December 9th – Dessert Mix
December 10th – Jar of Applesauce
December 11th – Can of Sweet Potatoes
December 12th – Can of Cranberry Sauce
December 13th – Can of Beans
December 14th – Box of Crackers
December 15th – Bag of Rice
December 16th – Box of Oatmeal
December 17th – Pasta
December 18th – Spaghetti Sauce
December 19th – Can of Chicken Noodle Soup
December 20th – Can of Tomato Soup
December 21st – Can of Corn
December 22nd – Can of Mixed Veggies
December 23rd – Can of Carrots
December 24th – Can of Green Beans
(Any non-perishable food item may be substituted.)