Make your plans for Lent

Lent 2023 begins (in just two weeks) on Ash Wednesday, February 22nd. Prepare yourself by making some specific commitments – perhaps one in each of the three key areas: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Don’t try to take on too much or too many!

Plan so that you can truly give careful, focused attention to those sacrifices you choose. You might discover that you want to continue these practices after Lent.

Benedictine monks and oblates submit a list of Good Works (a Bona Opera) they each plan to undertake during Lent. For the monks, the Abbot must approve each plan. For us lay people, you might want to share your plan with a close friend or spouse to have some accountability.

Whatever you choose, put your heart into it. If you fall short, don’t give up! Start over the next day! If you fall really short, get to confession which we should all do sometime before Easter anyway (if not more frequently)! May you have a holy and blessed Lent so that you “look forward to a holy Easter with joy and spiritual longing” (#49 The Rule of St. Benedict).